AboutWhy Changsha Trading Company?

Most of the world’s people-made products are being manufactured in China. There are few products that aren’t or can’t be manufactured in China and generally at greatly reduced prices.

However, lets face it, sourcing the right product, at the right price, with maximum quality can be challenging even in Australia – Let alone in China!

The internet can provide access to Chinese manufacturers but establishing their validity from Australia is difficult. In the worst case scenario “suitcase” companies (fake businesses) can front as genuine suppliers and manufacturers.

The language barrier and Chinese business customs can also prove challenging for Australian businesses to import their product, due to the limited ability to conduct due diligence and understand contract terms.

This is where Changsha Trading Company excels!

We have local people on the ground in Changsha with decades of experience in trading and sourcing products from this market. All the time looking after your best interests.

Our team’s strong relationships and deep understanding of the Changsha (capital of Hunan), Hunan province and surrounding provinces manufacturing goods market is invaluable

Meet the TeamOur Key People



Client Account Manager

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Hugo will be your personal point of contact and will look after your every need, during your search and product sourcing process. Hugo is proficient in Mandarin, which will streamline communication throughout your project.

Jing Ping


Chinese Business Account Manager

Based in Changsha, China and with over two decades of entrepreneurial and trading experience (banking, auctioneering, and consumer products), Jingping will act as your Chinese business account manager, during your search and product sourcing process.



Client Account Manager

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Jenny will be the bridge between your account and our China based team, during your search and product sourcing process. Jenny is fluent in both written and spoken Mandarin, which will ensure your project runs like clockwork.

Our LocationWhy China, Changsha and Hunan Province?

“China is a manufacturing superpower and the biggest market for manufacturing products globally. China’s factories now generate more real manufacturing value added than the US, Germany, South Korea, and the UK combined.” (source: BCG) We target Changsha and Hunan province because it is strategically placed within a major manufacturing region – the Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster and surrounding provinces! Changsha Trading Company provides direct access to 6 of China’s top 10 provinces by GDP (Hunan, Guangdong, Hubei, Sichuan, Fujian and Zhejiang). Accessing these provinces through Changsha removes additional costs and layers of going through China’s major international centres. Growth in Chinese manufacturing is also currently expanding at the greatest rate in its central provinces, which CTC is strategically placed to access.

Our FeesThe Three Phase Process


Initial Search


incl. GST

This phase will determine if your product is available and the pricing range
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Product Sourcing Support


incl. GST

This phase will support you every step of the way in sourcing and importing your product on the best terms
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Need More info?Download our Process Document

Still have some questions? Fill in your details and we will send you a copy of our detailed process document. One of our friendly team will also be in touch to answer any questions you might have.

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